“During a time where everything is online, having something that we can touch, smell, see and experience, feels almost magical.”

Royal Mail Market Reach, Physically Irresistible

Whilst any campaign that’s well targeted with the right message will always create impact for your brand, nothing will engage audiences and drive action in the same way that printed media can.  This is where inserts can make you stand out above the rest.

Advertising you can touch and hold will standout, cut through the noise and engage your audience.

Traditionally used to drive response, inserts are a great way to trigger a purchase or donation. But in recent years we’ve seen a surge in ecommerce brands realising the potential of traditional media to drive customers online.

In a market where attention and timing is key, inserts can deliver on both. When placing inserts into national press, consumer magazines or third party catalogue mailings, you’ll reach the consumer at a time when they are actively engaged and looking for inspiration. Furthermore, inserts are kept for up to 28 days or more, maximising exposure time long after the shelf life of a magazine.

Combine all these factors with precise targeting and traceability of inserts and you’ll have a campaign that can put you at advantage over your competitors.

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